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One Rock Brokerage Firm Announces Successful Sale of Prime Building in Chandler, Texas, Set to Become a Starbucks

Tyler, Texas - One Rock, a leading brokerage firm based in Tyler, Texas, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a significant real estate transaction in Chandler, Texas. The firm facilitated the sale of a strategically located building that is poised to become a new Starbucks outlet, with doors expected to open in late fall of 2024.


This milestone deal was spearheaded by One Rock's own Chris Wiesinger, who played a pivotal role in working closely with a Starbucks developer and the City of Chandler to ensure a smooth transition and alignment with the community's growth plans. This collaboration underscores One Rock's commitment to fostering economic development and business expansion in East Texas.

The introduction of Starbucks to Chandler is seen as a significant boost to the local economy, promising to create new jobs and serve as a new social hub for residents and visitors alike. The choice of Chandler for the new Starbucks location reflects the city's vibrant growth and the attractiveness of East Texas as a region brimming with opportunities.


“One Rock is incredibly proud to have facilitated this transaction, which not only brings a desired global brand like Starbucks to Chandler but also aligns with our vision of contributing to the economic vitality of East Texas," said Chris Wiesinger of One Rock. "We are excited about the continued growth in the region and are committed to playing an integral role in its development."


The City of Chandler expressed enthusiasm about the new Starbucks, anticipating it will become a cornerstone for further commercial and social activity in the area. This development is part of a broader trend of growth and investment in East Texas, with One Rock at the forefront of navigating these exciting opportunities.


One Rock and the City of Chandler invite the community and future patrons to anticipate the grand opening of Starbucks in late fall of 2024, marking a new chapter in the region's ongoing development and prosperity.


For more information about One Rock and their role in East Texas's growth, please contact:


One Rock



About One Rock


One Rock is a premier brokerage firm based in Tyler, Texas, specializing in commercial real estate transactions and development projects across East Texas. With a deep understanding of the local market and a comprehensive approach to client service, One Rock is dedicated to contributing to the region's economic growth and community well-being.


About the City of Chandler


Chandler, Texas, is a rapidly growing city in the heart of East Texas known for its vibrant community, economic opportunities, and strategic location. With a commitment to fostering sustainable growth, Chandler continues to attract significant business investments and offers a high quality of life for its residents.

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